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Bhimtal: The offbeat Tal of Kumaun

Bhimtal is yet another gem in Uttarakhand’s crown, with clear skies, a glittering lake, and a more sedate atmosphere. Bhimtal, one of the most well-known tourist spots in the Kumaon region of the State of Uttarakhand, that’s where peaks of legendary significance stand tall to tell their tale. It is situated at an altitude of 1370 m above the shimmering sea.

The centrally positioned, stunning lake, which is the city’s main draw, is claimed to have been built by Bhima from the Mahabharata. The tiny but opulent town in Nainital District bears Bhima’s name. Boating, kayaking, and zorbing are among the enjoyable activities available to tourists looking to travel here. In the middle of the, is another Bhimtal attraction in the style of an aquarium. You might see it as you’re sitting in your boat.

What is the history of Bhimtal?

Bhimtal was ruled by the British just after Anglo-Nepalese War, also known as the Gorkha War from 1814 to 1816. The former walking pathways that linked Kathgodam as well as other Kumaoni regions still exist. The historical Silk Road is thought to have included these routes, which also go to Tibet and Nepal.

Baz Bahadur, the monarch of Kumaon and head of the Chand Dynasty in the 17th century AD, is thought to have constructed the well-known Shiva temple next to the Bhimtal lake.

What is the Mythological Significance of Bhimtal?

In honour of the well-known Mahabharata protagonist Bheem, Bhimtal was formerly called as “Bheemsarovar Lake.” As per mythology, the Pandavas used to travel back to Bhimtal throughout their exile to visit their home. The lake was created as a result of Bheem’s whack to the earth with his “Gada” to create a water supply to relieve their thirst. As a result, the Bhimeshwar Mahadev temple was built here in honour of Bheema.

Other Tourist Places to visit near Bhimtal


Kalimath Temple

Things to do in Bhimtal

Boating: Boating and fishing are two of the main pastimes that draw a lot of people. Three stunning lakes—Bhimtal Lake, Sattal Lake, and Naukuchiatal Lake—can be found at Bhimtal. Bhimtal Lake, where you may visit the island in the middle of the lake, offers the most wonderful experience. The setting is quite lovely and gives guests a memorable time.

These lakes offer fishing and angling, and you may bring your catch home to cook for yourself.

Camping: This one is excellent for those who reside in large cities with high levels of air pollution or have not recently seen a blue sky. The camp provides visitors and guests with a wonderful experience since it is surrounded by the verdant woodlands of the Bhimtal mountain range. You can enjoy stargazing while taking in the natural pure air that this location has to offer.

Enjoy Picnic: Relax by having a picnic with your friends or family members on the shores of one of Bhimtal’s three lakes. The lakes are a well-known picnic location for both locals and visitors. Prepare your meals and spend a relaxing day with your family members by the lake.

Shopping: Look for Garhwali artwork, rugs, statues, organic goods, and handcrafted candles while shopping the neighbourhood street market of Bhimtal. Do not overlook the amazing native cuisine of this region also.

Trekking: Bhimtal is encircled by thick, luxuriant forests, making it an excellent location for trekking. The Bhimtal Mountains are traversed by both long and short paths.

Numerous migrating and indigenous birds can be seen on these mountains while hiking.

Dirt Biking and Paragliding: Flying above the Bhimtal mountains and woodlands while paragliding will give you a bird’s eye perspective of the valley. Just 4 miles from Bhimtal lies Naukuchiatal, a popular location for sports like paragliding and dirt biking.

Dirt biking is the activity for you if you want to feel adrenaline rush. Check off one of these extreme sports on your bucket list and see the stunning yet challenging mountains from a completely different perspective.

Best time to visit Bhimtal

Nearly every season of the year, Bhimtal welcomes visitors. The ideal times to visit Bhimtal are in March, April, May, October, November, and December, when it is in full flower during first three and blanketed in ice during the last three.

Summers: The calming rays that are brightly shining here in Bhimtal will soothe your mind. For outdoor recreation and temples touring, the cool and lovely months of March through May, with temperatures ranging from 10 to 27°C, are excellent.

Rainfall: The monsoon season in Uttarakhand runs from mid-July to mid-September, and precipitation is the undisputed king of the town. It’s true that as the temperature drops, the landscape becomes more picturesque, but it’s best to check the weather prediction in advance to ensure a wonderful vacation.

Winters: In Bhimtal, the wintertime lasts from September through November, when the temperature dips to -3°C, and you are greeted by chilly days. Enjoy the top tourist destinations because now is the ideal time to visit Bhimtal.

How to reach Bhimtal?

Only 22 kilometres separate Bhimtal from Nainital city. You can either take a taxi or drive yourself to Bhimtal. Buses travel often between Bhimtal to Nainital.

There is no designated airport or train station in Bhimtal. The closest train station, 30 kilometres distant from Nainital, is Kathgodam Railway Station. To go to Bhimtal, you can find a private or sharing taxi from the station. Additionally, buses travel from the railroad station to Bhimtal.

The closest airport, Pantnagar Airport, is 56 kilometres distant if you’re flying. You can find a private or sharing cab from the airport to Bhimtal via NH 109.

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