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Harshil: The Land of Himalayan Paradise

Both a lovely valley and a cantonment region, Harsil is occasionally also written as Harshil. It is situated alongside the Bhagirathi River’s banks. On the path to Gangotri, a Hindu pilgrimage is this valley. However, it has a unique appeal that draws lots of tourists there each year. For tourists, it is a lovely valley of dreams.

It is located in the Uttarkashi district of the Indian state of Uttarakhand at an elevation of 7,860 feet (2,620 metres). The settlement is located 73 kilometres from Uttarkashi’s district office.

The territory of Gangotri National Park starts 30 kilometres away from the valley. This area is 1,553 square kilometres. A lesser-known location in Uttarakhand is Harsil. It is also a conserved piece of nature, unaffected by the negative effects of being a popular tourist destination. These are the kinds of places that ought to be this way forever.

Due to the area’s outstanding natural beauty, this tiny village has gained notoriety. This location is ideal for nature lovers and trekkers due to the deep Deodar forests, gushing Bhagirathi River, chirping birds, and high towering peaks.

In this article, we will know more about Harshil valley and the various reasons for which it is famous for.

Harshil Valley Highlights

Total days to explore2 Days
LanguagesEnglish and Hindi
Best time to visitApril to October, December to January
Nearest Major CityDehradun
Summer temperatureMax 24 degree Celsius & Min 14 degree Celsius
Winter temperatureMax 12 degree Celsius & min -2 degree Celsius
Nearest airportJolly Grant, Dehradun
Nearest Railway StationDehradun

What is the History of Harshil Valley

The mythical Pahari Wilson or Raja Wilson made the breathtakingly beautiful valley well-known. Wilson left the British military following the 1857 Sepoy Mutiny.

Wilson made his way into the Garhwal region and sought refuge with the King of Tehri. King, however, declined to provide for him. Wilson then escaped to the mountains, where he hid. However, Wilson’s fate led him to this region on the Bhagirathi River’s banks.

According to some sources, Wilson became so powerful and well-liked in the community as a result of the timber trade in Harsil that sometimes the regional ruler of Tehri-Garhwal has been unable to dispute with him.

Places to visit in Harshil

Dharali: The distance between Harsil (or Harshil) valley and the little, charming village of Dharali is 6 kilometres. Harsil and this location are well linked by roadways. Rajgarhi tehsil includes Dharali village, which is located at a height of 648 metres above sea level.

Mukhwas Village: Due to the extensive snowfall in the Gangotri region throughout the winter, it serves as the residence of the Hindu goddess Gangotri. Visitors come here annually from all around the state and the nation. The region has significant snowfall during monsoons, making it not the ideal time to travel there.

Sat Tal: Seven little undeveloped lakes make up Sat Tal, which is close to Dharali. The 3-mile hike from Dharali to Sat Tal would prove to be a memorable experience. Deforestation and alterations in weather patterns have caused some of Sat Tal’s lakes to dry up.

Where to stay and what to eat in Harshil?

Despite being a less well-known location, a lot of lovers return to Harsil time and time again in search of privacy. In Harshil, there seem to be a few inexpensive hotels and lodging options. These hotels serve classic North Indian cuisine and provide adequate lodging options. There are a few quick service restaurants that offer Momos, Parantha, Noodles, Pakodas, Tea, and much more to eat.

What is Harshil Famous for?

  • The entire state of Uttarakhand enjoys a great deal of popularity for Rajma and Harsil’s apples. They have a robust flavour that is noticeable to everybody.
  • Although they are extremely popular, the valley can only yield so many apples and kidney beans each year.
  • In the 1980s, Harsil was a well-liked tourist destination. The well-known Bollywood film “Ram Teri Ganga Maili” was filmed there.
  • It was more popular back in the 1980s than it is today. Today it encounters barely a few thousand tourists per year.
  • Harsil (or Harshil) is sometimes referred to as the “Mini Switzerland of India” due to its picturesque scenery.
  • It is near the famed holy shrine of Gangotri. On the way to Gangotri, one may pause at the valley.
  • The Bhotiya tribe, with its fascinating and unusual customs and wonderful way of life, makes up the majority of those who live in the magnificent valley of Harsil.

Things to do in Harshil

  • Despite being surrounded by stunning valleys and verdant grasslands, few people are aware of the well-preserved valley of Harsil. In Harsil, there are a number of short trekking trails that offer a glimpse into both the stunning features and way of life of the Pahadis.
  • The lush greenery, stunning scenery, and numerous great walking trails in the Harsil Valley make for an unforgettable experience. You want to return frequently because the scenery is so breathtaking. There are oak and deodar trees all over the area. These hikes will take you past small waterfalls, river tributaries, and deep woodlands.
  • Great mountain views may be seen from the valley, where the Bhagirathi River is also running. You can enjoy taking pictures and making videos.
  • An illustration of biodiversity is Harsil. You may observe the peaceful surroundings, laborious way of life, and traditions of the villagers.
  • The surrounding district of Gangotri can also be visited while travelling to Harsil, and the Bhagirathi river makes an excellent travelling companion for this peaceful hamlet.
  • This valley is next to Sat tal, which features seven lakes.

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What is the best time to visit Harshil?

This valley experiences beautiful weather all year round. The weather is excellent from April through mid-July, making this the ideal time to visit Harshil Valley. The sky is still clear and the alpine terrain are immediately recognizable at this time. The greatest time to go sightseeing is now. During these months, Harsil has a lot of visitors.

Harshil is also accessible from September to November. The temperature lowers dramatically and the weather remains somewhat chilly with a gentle breeze during these months.

Beginning in October and lasting through January, Harshil experiences a significant amount of snowfall. On the other hand, February offers good weather and the melting of the snow. December is the ideal month to visit Harsil if you enjoy snowshoeing.

How to reach Harshil?

By Air

The closest airport to Harshil is Jolly Grant Airport. It is located 232 kilometres away. Highway roads link Harshil or Harsil to Jolly Grant Airport. Harsil, Tehri, and Uttarkashi may all be reached via taxi. Uttarkashi is 78 kilometres away.

By Train

At a distance of 215 kilometres from Harsil, Rishikesh has the closest railway station. Rishikesh has bus and taxi service to Uttarkashi, Tehri, and Harsil. There are numerous ways to get from Dehradun to Harsil as well. Dehradun is 220 kilometres away, and a cab will take you there in 8 to 9 hours.

By Road

The valley has good road access to the state’s most popular locations. It is simple to get private cars to this valley from all of Uttarakhand’s major cities, including Dehradun, Rishikesh, Haridwar, and Haldwani. On NH-108, Harsil is located. There are accessible cabs and buses from ISBT, Dehradun. Via NH34, Harsil is 218 kms from Dehradun.

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