Tungnath Trek in Uttarakhand

Tungnath Trek in Uttarakhand

By admin | Last Updated 2 Nov, 2022

Tungnath Trek in Uttarakhand

Tungnath Trek: The Highest Shiva Temple Trek

The Garhwal Himalayas, which are in Uttarakhand, are home to numerous emerald rivers, stunning scenery, snow-capped mountains, verdant hills, and dense forests. It goes without saying that the Garhwal region has a variety of hiking trails for all skill levels.

There are many temples in India that are devoted to Lord Shiva, but some of them are exceptional because of what they represent. One such shrine is Tungnath, which is known as one of the highest Shiva temples on the planet and is located among the magnificent Tunganath hills. It is said that Adi Sankacharya made the discovery.

This temple’s unique characteristic is its setting, in the middle of stunning mountain ranges at a height of 3680 meters. It is thought to be one of the Panch Kedars and is over 1000 years old.

According to tradition, this temple’s foundation was placed by Arjuna, the third Pandava brother. The temple is surrounded by shrines to various Hindu deities and is built in the North Indian architectural style.

Additionally, according to tradition, this is the location where Lord Rama meditated in order to be freed from the Brahmahatya penance for slaying Ravana.

The architecture of Tungnath Temple

The lavish temple is constructed of stones that have been decorated on the exterior with embellishments that mimic great towers. On top of the tallest dome, which has sixteen apertures as well, is a timber stage.

Stone slabs make up the cathedral’s roof, and a stone statue of Nandi standing facing the idol of Lord Shiva is placed at the entryway. In front of the temple door on the right is a picture of Lord Ganesha.

Ashtadhatu, a structure made of eight metals, together with idols of the saints Vyas and Kala Bhairav and Shiva devotees are all found within the main hall. The sites also have four other Kedar monuments in addition to images of the Pandavas.

The name “Tungnath” is inscribed on atop of a freshly built arch at the beginning of the Tungnath hike path, designating the entryway to the temple.

Tungnath Temple Trek

The Panch Kedar Yatra, which entails trekking past Kedarnath, Tungnath, Rudranath, Madhyamaheshwar, and Kalpeshwar, is seen as being incredibly fortunate. The journey is conducted to see all five of the Kedar Valley’s temples and conclude the circuit.

Kedarnath is located at the Mandakini River’s source, Madhyamaheswar is at the Chaukhamba Peak’s foot at an altitude of 3500 meters, Tungnath is in the Garhwal himalayas at an elevation of 3810 meters, and the Chandrashila peak is 500 meters just above Tungnath Mandir.

Rudranath and Kalpeshwar, located in the stunning Urgam valley, can be reached by walking via thick woods and mountain peaks. The trip to Chopta Tungnath is rather simple. The Panchchuli Peak, Nanda Devi, Kedarnath, and Nilkanth are all visible, and they all offer a stunning panorama of the natural splendor.

The walk passes through many additional places on the way from Haridwar to Chandrashila. It is ideal for newbies because the required trekking is simple.

The two primary features of this hike are Chandrashila Peak, which provides a spectacular view of the lowlands beneath, and Tungnath Temple. This excursion extends from Haridwar, a holy city, to the Deoria Tal Lake, which is 2440 meters above sea level.

Next, you travel via Chopta, which is situated at an elevation of 3000 meters and is encircled by a lovely and tranquil landscape. At an elevation of 3680 meters, Tungnath follows, and at 4130 meters, you reach Chandrashila’s summit.

Best Trek Nearby tungnath

What are the opening and closing dates of Tungnath Temple Kapaat?

The opening of the Char Dhams of Uttrakhand in April or May each year during Vaisakh Panchmi, on the day chosen by the Badro Kedar Temple Board on Baisakhi, coincides with the opening of the Tungnath Mandir.

Following Diwali, the temple closes for the winter, and during that time the deity’s figure is transported by the high priest to Mukunath, a town 19 kilometers away from Tungnath.

What is the best time to visit Tungnath Temple

The summer months are the optimal time to visit the shrine because the climate is at its most pleasant, with an average high temperature of 16 degrees Celsius.

Important points and tips to visit Tungnath Temple

  • It is not permitted to take photos within the temple.
  • Visitors are required to bring trekking boots, a warm winter jacket, drink, sunscreen, and any recommended medications from their doctor.
  • Because there is a good risk you’ll slip on the snow, bring waterproof hiking boots. The cost of renting shoes is approximately INR 200 at the trek’s beginning. For added support on the hike, you can also bring a walking stick.
  • Since there are no charging stations along the hike route, you can bring power banks with you to charge your mobile devices.
  • The trek route offers only spotty network access. The internet connection only supports 2G and is intermittent.
  • Bring raincoats along for protection.
  • Since the road lacks charging stations and ATMs, bring power banks and cash.
  • No photos are permitted inside the temple.
  • Rooms for the halt are available in Sari and Chopta, but not on the path to the shrine from Chopta.
  • Avoid going on a hike at night.

How to Reach Tungnath Temple

Both privately owned and government-operated buses frequently go to and from Chopta in the nearby towns. From Delhi to Chopta, there is a 448 kilometer road to travel, and the additional distance must be covered on foot. It takes 2 to 3 hours to walk from Chopta to Tungnath.

At 225 kilometres from Chopta, the Haridwar railway station is the one nearest to Tungnath. To get to the trailhead for the walk, one can rent taxis and cars outside the train station. The Jolly Grant Airport, located 260 kilometers from Tungnath, is the closest airport.

Take either a bus or a taxi to Chopta for further travel. The Tungnath Mandir can then be reached by hiking the entire distance from there.


A vacation to Tungnath allows the adventure enthusiast to experience the finest of both hiking and scenery. This all-year adventure is located directly in Uttarakhand, and the path of the Tungnath hike enables you to experience the excitement you’ve been yearning for. Prepare for your trek with us and start your amazing journey. Call today for Tungnath Trek packages. 

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