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Being the pioneers of hiking, backpacking, wildlife safaris, and local tourism in the North Indian region gives us great pleasure and satisfaction. We affect the region's ability to sustain its economy when you take a trip with us. Chopta Eco Resort is a breathtaking adventurous camping in the middle of wildlife that provides life-changing adventures. It is situated in Chopta. Chopta is a little settlement in Uttrakhand's Rudraprayag District. Any traveller can be drawn to Chopta by its attractiveness. We might claim that it is a lovely and flawless creation of Almighty because it is peaceful, pristine, and bordered by wildness. Among the treks we provide are the Chopta, Tungnath, Chandershila, and Deoria Tal treks. Trekking in India may be a beautiful experience. Embrace the adventure of trekking over the Himalayas, but make sure you hire the correct agency and local guide. - find beautiful routes, scale peaks, fall in love with nature, savour the stillness, experience complete bliss, and value your existence.

Camping is quickly gaining popularity as a more pleasant way to spend a holiday. Each year, a huge number of people come here to enjoy themselves with their friends and families. The charming attractiveness of the lovely deep forest of deodar, pine, and oak trees adorns the camps, which are tucked away in the interesting slopes of the Great Himalayas. Birdwatchers can see a variety of species when taking a walk on the wild side in the morning. You can appreciate campfires, bonfires, and song-singing in the evenings while enjoying food. The stars in the night sky add to the ambiance of the night. A vacation to the forest is an intense and primordial relationship to the outdoors, and we also offer jungle safaris. A journey through India's biodiversity may be the only way to fulfil that desire. We discuss various nature reserves and ecology. It is a wonderful vacation spot and is accessible all year long. The best seasons to travel are wintertime (from October to December) and the summertime (from April to June). We guarantee tourists the best encounter with unspoiled natural beauty.

As a result, our specialty is meeting all of your demands, including those for food, beverages, hotel, sports, and entertainment. Our goal is to provide the campground kitchen with as much of the locally produced, protein- and vitamin-rich Pahadi cuisine as possible. We focus particularly on taste when we prepare so that you receive food that is both fresh and delicious. Have a wonderful time and enjoy your vacations so beneath a clear sky with a stunning view of the Himalayas and the allure of nature. We have an intense enthusiasm for travel that transcends the realm of business. We are confident that you will value our services. By carrying your gear, making your meals, setting up your tent, and taking care of all your needs, we make sure you have the best possible vacation while you mingle with the natives, take in the breathtaking scenery around you, and certainly feel at one with creation.

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